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Chef Provisioning on Azure

Chef as a one stop solution on Azure I managed to talk about Provisioning with Chef on ChefConf2019. Meeting nice peoples from various countries which build a vibrant Community around Chef was a lot of fun! Introduction I talked about our implementation using Chef as a One-Stop Solution on Microsoft Azure. Use use Chef Cookbooks to provision infrastructure, deploy and configure software Thogh it is quite uncommon to use Chef to provision infrastructure we prefer this over using other tools Use Azure Pipelines for CI/CD to automate provisioning Do compliance testing with Inspec and use Chef Automate to represent the results Here are the slides on Slideshare a shot from the talk in Seattle and an audio recording of my talk: Read more →

You want quick feedback

Speed matters (most) One reason for using cloud infrastructure is speed. Quick feedback and short deployment times are a matter of course. Here is a simple example to show how Google Cloud Platform (gcp) performs. Just create a Virtual Machine and ssh into it. In under two seconds of course! Playbook Run bash create-vm.sh SSH into your machine gcloud compute ssh "worker1" Have fun 😉 Delete it gcloud compute instances delete worker1 --quiet Prerequisites To be honest there are some prerequisites: Read more →