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You want quick feedback

Speed matters (most)

One reason for using cloud infrastructure is speed. Quick feedback and short deployment times are a matter of course.

Here is a simple example to show how Google Cloud Platform (gcp) performs. Just create a Virtual Machine and ssh into it. In under two seconds of course!


  • Run bash create-vm.sh
  • SSH into your machine gcloud compute ssh "worker1"
  • Have fun 😉
  • Delete it gcloud compute instances delete worker1 --quiet


To be honest there are some prerequisites:

  • Google Account
  • Payment enabled
  • Project defined
  • Service endpoints for project enabled

What to take with you

Use enviroment for configuration

The gcloud utility (and therefore, CLOUDSDK) can be configured using environment variables. Available configuration option can be seen by running gcloud config --help


VM creation time 1s!


  • Using gcloud compute ssh "worker1" will create a proper SSH key and store it for later use.
  • gcloud suggests current versions for depracted commands
  • Error messages in general are useful
  • The Web Console is lean and fast


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