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MacBook as an ephemeral device

Bootstrap and configure a MacBook

Even my MacBook is becvoming more and more ephemeral. Years ago I spent hours to get started on a new hardware. Nowadays I want it to be done quick and reproducible. And the less dependencies the better.

I am using strap.sh, dotfiles and oh-my-zsh.

As always easy does it, so just setup some environment variables and run install.sh

# used for configuring your box
export STRAP_GIT_NAME='John Doe'
export STRAP_GIT_EMAIL='john@example.com'
# used for accessing personal dotfiles repo
export STRAP_GITHUB_USER='johndoe'
export STRAP_GITHUB_TOKEN='861bf1x18b3729152942c86164ad6d46898e3233'
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/karstenmueller/dotfiles/master/script/install.sh)"

This will execute some tasks:

  • clone my dotfiles repository to ~/.dotfiles
  • copy my dotfiles to $HOME
  • install some packages with Homebrew
  • configure some macOS defaults
  • setup zsh

Beware: you better fork my dotfiles repo and work from there.

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