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Build a production ready serverless blog

Setup with Hugo and GitHub Actions

Publishing a website has come a long way since the days of handcrafted HTML pages. Here is how to setup it ‘serverless’ 😏

Just by using an editor and install little tool it is possible to preview and publish a pretty decent website. And best of all: its blazingly fast. From pushing changes to published pages in about 10 seconds!

The workflow looks like this:

  • create content by editing markdown files
  • optionally preview changes locally just hugo server --buildDrafts
  • push changes to github repo
  • publish with Github Actions (see my gh-pages.yml) which renders HTML by using hugo (my preferred static site generator)
  • serve static pages with Github Pages

See my karstenmueller.github.io repo for the code.

It’s quite fancy to blog from my iPad with Working Copy!

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